• About CSRH Consulting

    Since 2012, CSRH Consulting has provided Executive Coaching, leadership development strategies, strategic planning, and reorganization strategies to multinational corporations, private enterprises, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.


    We set ourselves apart by not just focusing on one segment of the business entity. Our approach intersects organization culture, leadership, team dynamics, and business strategies.


    CSRH Consulting’s efforts have successfully resulted in our clients focusing on profitable in-demand products and services; developing profitable ventures in advanced and emerging markets; increasing sales, market share and profitability; improving customer and employee satisfaction; reducing annual operating costs while improving productivity company-wide; and focused business plans and marketing campaigns.


    CSRH Consulting also guides start-ups with their strategic planning efforts when raising capital, implementation of their most important strategic initiatives, and aligning human capital and resources to meet major milestones. Our approach enables our clients to consistently increase the value of their organizations, products, and services; benefiting not only their businesses but also their customers.


    We have locations in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, and London.

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