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  • About CSRH Consulting

    CSRH Consulting are the Go-To-Experts for Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Coaching, and Organizational Effectiveness strategies.


    Our team of master Executive Coaches and Leadership Development and Organizational Effectiveness experts have worked with hundreds of senior and high-potential leaders and dynamic organizations throughout the world.


    We have locations in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, and London.

  • Our Vision

    Excellence Happens at the Intersection of an Inspirational Vision, Meaningful Connections, and Influential Messaging.

    Ready To Be An Inspiring Leader?

    Lead with Confidence, Clarity, and a Strong Message

    Our Executive Coaches transform leaders by discovering and elevating their vision, creating dynamic moments with their teams, designing impactful messaging, enriching their understanding of their stakeholders, and finding powerful opportunities to maximize their presence.

    Spur Growth, Drive Innovation, & Deliver Results

    Organization Reviews, Merger & Acquisitions Solutions and Organizational Transformations

    We help our clients with building highly effective plans to execute organizational transformation. Our Consultants provide the strategies for successful business realignments. We guide the organizational review and design, leadership alignment, stakeholders commitment, workforce transformation, and strategic communications.

    Ensure Change Has a Vision, Focus, & Direction

    Change Analysis, Implementation, and Sustainability

    During change, we help businesses with the people and the process. We prepare our clients with motivating their teams, establish ways to better embrace the change, and align the right processes to ensure speed, adoption, and sustainability of the business transformation. We help clients with creating communication around the change that has clarity about the purpose and objectives and that builds awareness and buy-in.

    Give Your Business A Competitive Position

    HR Analysis and Solutions, Training, and Policies and Procedures

    We drive value to our Client’s bottom lines by focusing on a positive return on your HR investment. Our HR Consultants deliver Strategies and Function Design, HR & Workforce Process Design, Competency, Role & Skill Design, and Performance Metrics.

    Do You Need a Better Message?

    Communications, Vision Expression, and Influential Messaging

    We understand that for others to want to be led by you, a clear, strong, and focused message is needed. We help leaders create inspiring, motivating, and dynamic communication to reach their desired audience. Our Clients keep a focused eye on the pertinent and strategic messages that marks them as leaders to follow.

    Empower And Educate Your Team

    Resolve Conflict, Align to Strengths, & Work Better Together

    We bring the strategies and solutions right to our clients' teams in powerful and behavior-altering workshops. Teams work together to improve awareness and understanding, draw from each others' strengths, work through conflict, and reengage to each other and the business.

    Create Brilliant & Inspirational Branding

    Increase Visibility & Message for Impact

    We provide Businesses with strong, actionable steps to create branding that cuts through the competitive "noise". We help our Clients create strong brand equity that increases visibility, refocuses brand messaging that builds a loyal customer or client base, and that has impact.

    Mastermind With Thought Leaders

    Current and Trending Leadership Topics Addressed by Top Experts ​

    To keep our Clients at the forefront of current leadership thoughts, we host Leadership Forums and Retreats that bring together global leaders from varied industries. At these intellectually stimulating, highly interactive events we lead dynamic discussions on the most pressing Leadership topics of our time.

  • Ready To Elevate Your Leadership?

  • Meet CSRH's Principals

    CSRH Consulting has four main departments: Organizational Effectiveness and Change Management, Leadership and Team Development, Talent Management, and Strategic Planning. Each department is headed by a Principal with over 20 years of related expertise. Our Principals are former leaders from Fortune 500 corporations and have a broad understanding of managing multi-disciplinary teams across complex projects. Our departments are supported by Managers, Executive Coaches, and Facilitators. Our clients work directly with the Principal and receive the benefit of their senior level understanding and guidance.

    Dahlia Castro-Smith

    Managing Partner, Executive Coach, Organizational Effectiveness & Talent Management Expert

    Clients refer to Dahlia as:

    "Thought-provoking and focused on the right business strategies for significant outcomes."


    Dahlia coaches and consults with C-Suite leaders and senior management leaders of Fortune 500 companies, Financial businesses, Not-for-Profit organizations, Consumer Products, Manufacturing companies, and Media/Entertainment organizations.


    Dahlia has over 25 years of experience including her role as Senior VP HR Home Entertainment and Corporate Projects – Warner Bros. Entertainment. Her expertise includes emerging businesses, in-house project management, consulting, and hands-on experience in setting up start-up organizations in domestic and international territories.


    Dahlia applies her expertise in managing outsourcing initiatives, managing merger and acquisition projects, and implementing change across departmental and organizational boundaries.


    Seated at the table of many Management teams, Dahlia demonstrates business and strategic acumen in management and process improvement coupled with excellent interpersonal skills.



    Phyllis Reagin

    Managing Partner, Executive Coach, Organizational Effectiveness & Communications Expert

    Clients experience Phyllis as:

    "Engaging, insightful, and masterful at creating important change and realignments."


    Phyllis coaches C-suite leaders, executive teams, and high-potential leaders. She consults with Fortune 500 companies, global organizations, Not-for-Profit organizations, political offices, and entrepreneurial businesses.


    Phyllis has created dynamic communications for C-Suite leaders and senior management. The messaging successfully addresses business transformations, Board updates, and topics to engage their teams.


    Phyllis gained her 20-plus years of management, organizational effectiveness, and marketing expertise from her leadership roles in the media/entertainment and healthcare industries, as well as in marketing consulting. She honed her leadership skills as the Head of Global Diversity Initiatives at Warner Bros. Entertainment, as the CEO of a large multi-disciplined medical practice, and from directing the communication and marketing strategies for a billion dollar public transportation project.


    Phyllis has provided hundreds of leaders with strategies and solutions for developing effective and dynamic leadership and has consulted with organizations through complicated changes.




    Keith Hillyer

    Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness Expert

    Clients think Keith is:

    "A big-picture and dynamic thinker who sets the stage for big wins."


    As a Senior Advisor to CSRH, Keith plays a lead role in guiding clients through a collaborative process to identify the company’s vision, develop a detailed strategic plan, and a structured course of action to enable them to reach their end goal.


    Keith has more than 20 years of hands-on experience managing the Strategic Planning function for global organizations.


    In his role as Senior VP of Business Decision Support at Warner Bros. Entertainment, he was responsible for the management of six cross-functional teams driving strategic initiatives across different parts of the business. Keith’s role included teaching the team members how to map out internal processes, how to identify and evaluate opportunities for improvement, and how to apply various strategic tools and methodologies to efficiently implement change and monitor the benefits.


    Keith adds significant value to clients by including personal mentoring, matching skill-sets with client needs, providing strategic business input and advice, and identifying and implementing operational improvements.


  • What Clients Say About Us...


    Olivia Diaz-Lapham, President & CEO

    American Lung Association in California

    “Working with CSRH Consulting has been a game-changer for our organization. The one-on-one coaching provided to our employees to assist them with their professional development has been an added benefit for them while building a stronger, more productive organization. Working with CSRH has truly exceeded my expectations!”

    "It was a life saver to have a partner like CSRH"...

    Maria Casillas, Chief Compliance Officer

    Financial Services, Money Remittance

    “As a mid-size company we were looking to take the company to the next level by increasing enterprise value and defining an event for the organization. We retained CSRH consulting to support us in developing and implementing a 3 yr. Strategic Plan that met shareholder expectation and in the process we discovered there was a need for executive development. It was a life saver to have a partner like CSRH who understood our challenges in the industry, our strategic plan and the development needs of our key executives. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise were of paramount importance at a time when the company was at a pivotal point to make radical strategic changes. Our partnership with CSRH was key in defining a strategic plan that met shareholder needs and in elevating the company’s performance.”

    "Honest, straight-forward feedback"...

    Dennis Fitzgerald, CPA, Director, Financial Controls, Kaiser Permamente

    “Be prepared to be tested as to your assumptions and unintended biases. Dahlia provided honest, straight-forward feedback based on agreed goals at the start of the process which challenged me to assess my personal interaction style in light of how others perceived me.”

    "Navigate and flex my style"...

    Aliza Haftvani, Director,

    Warner Bros. Entertainment

    “Phyllis was instrumental in helping me understand my leadership style and providing me the tools to be able to navigate and flex my style to address varying situations. With Phyllis' perceptive observations, she was also able to help me gain clarity and perspective on what it truly means to be self aware and understand others.”


    "Transformed the inner workings of my organization"...

    Nick Lowe, President

    Platinum Packaging Group


    “I have been working with the Principal owners of CSRH Consulting for over a year now. I find their approach to business management training and general overall consulting very thorough and effective. CSRH Consulting has transformed the inner workings of my organization through coaching, advice and specific training. Both my management team and I have learned so much. I am so pleased with their contribution and would recommend them to any business looking to move to the next level."


    "Amazing sounding board & idea igniter"...

    Denise Muniz, CFRE

    Associate Vice President, Major & Planned Gifts

    American Lung Association in California

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Phyllis. Phyllis was an amazing sounding board and idea igniter that allowed me to grow as a leader and entrepreneur. She excels at getting to the heart of an issue and walking you through the discovery process of finding a solution and moving forward. She is an empathetic listener and excellent communicator. It’s been a true pleasure working with her."

    "The results were outstanding!"...

    Andrew S., Financial Services

    “CSRH helped shape the direction of my professional brand and helped me to remove some barriers that kept me from growing my business. The results were outstanding! My marketing efforts were more focused with a consistent message. This helped me to develop new ideal clients faster and even made it easier for existing clients to refer business. Working through the barriers was a little tougher, though. Once I removed the barriers, I felt my confidence grow and I was able to really go for it!”

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