• Meet CSRH's Principals

    CSRH Consulting has four main departments: Organizational Effectiveness and Change Management, Leadership and Team Development, Talent Management, and Strategic Planning. Each department is headed by a Principal with over 20 years of related expertise. Our Principals are former leaders from Fortune 500 corporations and have a broad understanding of managing multi-disciplinary teams across complex projects. Our departments are supported by Managers, Executive Coaches, and Facilitators. Our clients work directly with the Principal and receive the benefit of their senior level understanding and guidance.

    Dahlia Castro-Smith

    Managing Partner, Executive Coach, Organizational Effectiveness & Talent Management Expert

    Clients refer to Dahlia as:

    "Thought-provoking and focused on the right business strategies for significant outcomes."


    Dahlia coaches and consults with C-Suite leaders and senior management leaders of Fortune 500 companies, Financial businesses, Not-for-Profit organizations, Consumer Products, Manufacturing companies, and Media/Entertainment organizations.


    Dahlia has over 25 years of experience including her role as Senior VP HR Home Entertainment and Corporate Projects – Warner Bros. Entertainment. Her expertise includes emerging businesses, in-house project management, consulting, and hands-on experience in setting up start-up organizations in domestic and international territories.


    Dahlia applies her expertise in managing outsourcing initiatives, managing merger and acquisition projects, and implementing change across departmental and organizational boundaries.


    Seated at the table of many Management teams, Dahlia demonstrates business and strategic acumen in management and process improvement coupled with excellent interpersonal skills.



    Phyllis Reagin

    Managing Partner, Executive Coach, Organizational Effectiveness & Communications Expert

    Clients experience Phyllis as:

    "Engaging, insightful, and masterful at creating important change and realignments."


    Phyllis coaches senior leaders, executive teams, and emerging leaders. She consults with Fortune 500 companies, global organizations, Not-for-Profit organizations, political offices, and entrepreneurial businesses.


    Phyllis has created dynamic communications for C-Suite leaders and senior management. The messaging successfully addresses business transformations, Board updates, and topics to engage their teams.


    Phyllis gained her 20-plus years of management, organizational effectiveness, and marketing expertise from her leadership roles in the media/entertainment and healthcare industries, as well as in marketing consulting. She honed her leadership skills as the Head of Global Diversity Initiatives at Warner Bros. Entertainment, as the CEO of a large multi-disciplined medical practice, and from directing the communication and marketing strategies for a billion dollar public transportation project.


    Phyllis has provided hundreds of leaders with strategies and solutions for developing effective and dynamic leadership and has consulted with organizations through complicated changes.